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Apr 15 2011

Ron Clark Academy

So, y’all know I’m all about some public schools, but I think that the Ron Clark Academy right in the heart of Downtown Atlanta has an interesting take on private schooling, and how to accomidate it for all different socioeconomic levels. What do you think?

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  1. Ray

    I’ve read a couple of Ron Clark’s books, and I know someone who met him in person at a training conference. He comes across as a fun, high energy guy who could be enjoyable to work with. He is a bit of a control freak, so you’d have to accept that things are done his way.

    If you look at the school’s web site, it’s clear that they screen their students pretty carefully, and they don’t replace any students who leave. There’s nothing wrong with this. They do reach out to poor and minority students with scholarships. This does mean that you wouldn’t have to deal with any difficult students like the one described in mathinaz’s latest post. How you feel about this depends on you. Kids like this are definitely exhausting, and there’s no guarantee that even the most dedicated teacher can completely overcome the problems that such a troubled child brings to the classroom. RCA does a good job for the students that it accepts and keeps, and this is no small achievement, but someone has to be there for the difficult students.

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